Where you'll be going.........

Day 1 - Barcelona

  • Today you will depart from Barcelona at 6pm local time.

Day 2 - Ibiza

  • Today you will get into Ibiza at 8am local time and depart at 7pm the day is yours to do what you want. Why don't you go to one of their day clubs like O beach or Cotton beach club!

Day 3 - Malaga

  • Today you will get into Malaga at 4.30pm local time you are there overnight so why not go to the bar strip and take full advantage of the many bars they have or if you want something quieter then why not try going to a local restaurant for a lovely dinner. 

Day 4 - Malaga

  • Today you'll most likely be wishing you hadn't had that last cocktail/beer before you left the strip last night and be looking at the breakfast like its your first love. You have the full day to shake that hangover before enjoying some of the many benefits that this ship has to offer like catching a show. 

Day 5 - Sailing

  • Today is just a normal day on the water where you can simply chill by the pool or be spontaneous and go and get that tattoo you want at Squid Ink 
  • Hit the red room (not as fifty greys as it sounds) where you can catch one of their amazing shows. 

Day 6 - Funchal

  • After spending yesterday lazing by the pool and shaking that hangover it is now time to go and enjoy your time in Funchal, you arrive in Funchal at 8am local time and have the full day to spend as you please why not do a bit of shopping and get those authentic Portuguese gifts. 
  • You will leave Funchal at 8pm local time and can enjoy a lovely show or a quiet drink or two (or more no one will judge) and head to bed knowing you have the next few days relaxing on the ocean   

Day 7 - 14 - Sailing

  • For the next few days you will be at sea, so the question is what are you gonna do? Well there is plenty to do onboard the ship. 
  • You could go sit by the pool relax and enjoy a cocktail or two. 
  • You could go check out The Manor (2- deck high disco nightclub)
  • If your staying in a suite why not check out Richards Rooftop (VIP area/ suite passengers only sundeck) 
  • Why not try out the Redemption Spa (Wellness complex with reception, mud room, dry dock salon/hairdressing, stubble and groom/ babershop, blow dry bar, male pedicure spa, mani-pedi spa) 
  • Go get inked at Squid Ink
  • Go to the Red Room (theater lounge that transforms into 4  different event configurations) 
  • Why not go to The Groupie (private karaoke room, doubles as a cinema and VIP casino)

Day 15 - Miami

  • After a nice few relaxing days upon the ship you now arrive in Miami, there is plenty for you to do and enough activities to satisfy everyone. 
  • Why not do some shopping in Miami's Aventura Mall - one of the top shopping centers in the U.S, Home to 300 luxury boutiques and many big-name stores. 
  • You could go to The Bass - One of Miami's top art galleries 
  • Perez Art museum Miami - another amazing art museum 

What's Included.......

  • 15 nights accommodation on board the Valiant Lady 
  • WIFI
  • Adults by design 18+ 
  • Essential drinks - Stay hydrated with still and sparkling water, non-pressed juices, sodas, tea's and even drip coffee
  • Tips
  • Group workout included
  • All food included

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