Where you'll be going..........

Day 1 - Athens

  • Welcome to Athens, Greek adventurers! The clock starts now on uncovering this ancient country and all its quirks. We're calling it now, that this trip is THE ancient history lovers dream. Settle in to your hotel before catching up with the crew, where a traditional Athens affair is on the cards for those wanting to get straight down to the business of being cultural. On our optional dinner we'll head to the city's old town and dinner, traditional dancing as you feast your eyes (and stomach) with mouthwatering Greek tastes, under the watchful eye of the Acropolis to complete the scene. We can't think of a better way to get right into the Greek way of life.
  • Accommodation - Arion Hotel (or similar)

Day 2 - Athens to Olympia via Corinth, Mycenae & Nafplio

  • Athens - Not a second of today will go to waste. Europe’s oldest city will unfold itself this morning as we take to the Parthenon and the Acropolis with the knowledge of a local, then explore the first modern Olympic Stadium from the 1896 Games. That's some really old Olympic vibes right there.
  • Corinth - Rugged mountains, cypress trees and citrus groves will pepper our pretty tour from Athens to Corinth, where we will stop to get a look at a man-made canal that squeezes ships through its tight cliffs in what seems like an impossible feat.
  • Mycenae - What was once a military hotspot is now a jaw-dropping archaeological site amidst the mountain ranges of Greece. Our Trip Manager will uncover the 4,000 year history of Mycenae and Agamemnon’s Palace in a tale of heroics, myths and curses.
  • Nafplio - We make a short stop at the cute coastal town of Nafplio i.e the first capital of Greece. Let's grab some lunch (gyros, anyone?) and take a stroll through the ancient city. Next up - the wispy mountains of Arcadia to Olympia. Save some room on your camera roll for this one...
  • Olympia - And so the historical uncoverings continue as we land in Olympia, the place where the Olympic Games were birthed, and what is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Accommodation - Amalia Olympia Hotel (or similar)

Day 3 - Olympia to Delphi

  • Fun fact: the first Olympic Games was held in 776BC, let's just let that number sink in for a moment...Wow. Today our Local Guide will show us all the important sites of those games, giving you the chance to sit in the 45,000 seat stadium where it actually first took place. If that's not a spine-tingling moment, we don't know what is. We'll wrap it up at the Temple of Hera (Queen of the Greek Gods), and place where the Olympic flame is lit every four years. We'll also visit the ruins of Zeus' temple before we head off on our journey, where you'll be sure to feel the vibes of one of the most well known Greek gods.
  • The sacred lands of Delphi will be ours this afternoon, again allowing us the chance to uncover world history right here in Greece. Despite being a place of monumental importance, it happens to have a cute little bar scene, and is a great place to sample the national drink of ouzo.
  • Accommodation - Amalia Delphi Hotel (or similar)

Day 4 - Delphi to Athens

  • Through the limestone columns of the Sanctuary of Apollo, we continue tapping into what was once the centre of the universe for Ancient Greeks. The remains of this Doric style building stands tall with it's remaining 6 (out of an original 15) pillars, and is the perfect spot to absorb the last bit of beauty that is the slopes of Mt. Parnassus before we jump on the trail back to Athens.
  • Welcome back to the heart of ancient Greece! Arriving in time for dinner, we'll enjoy an included meal together tonight before our island adventures begin tomorrow.
  • Accommodation - Dorian Inn hotel (or similar)

Day Athens to Mykonos

  • After breakfast we have a free morning to enjoy Athens as you like, as well as an included walking tour of the sights. Our time in Athens was amazing and well worth delaying our island time for. But delay it further? We shall not...
  • Let's do this! 3 nights on the island of Mykonos, how did we get so lucky? Even the boat ride across the Aegean will have you awe struck and in love.
  • Accommodation - Paradise Beach (Superior Rooms)

Day 6 - Mykonos

  • Here we are on a day when it feels completely fabulous to be alive. You're in Mykonos baby! And the day is yours to soak up sunshine and play in the sea. Tonight we head out for some free time to enjoy the local cuisine before enjoying some of Mykonos's famed nightlife. 
  • Accommodation - Paradise Beach (Superior Rooms)

Day 7 - Mykonos

  • Set your watch to island time and enjoy a glorious day soaking up the laid-back vibe of Mykonos. Or opt in for a tour out to Delos, one of the most important mythological, historical, and archaeological sites in Greece.
  • Accommodation - Paradise Beach (Superior Rooms)

Day 8 - Mykonos to Santorini

  • This morning, let's spare a thought for all those travellers who only have the time to visit just one Greek Island. Those poor unfortunate souls...
  • Saddle up! We're taking to the seas again, this time in search of the island of Santorini. It's finally your turn to be the one lulling about the white-washed blue dome churches looking like a sultry summer babe.  Home to the famous Oia sunset, this is the stuff dreams are made of. Ah, life.
  • Accommodation - Okeanis Hotel (or similar)

Day 9 - Santorini

  • Rise and shine, Greek Island travellers! The island of Santorini will not explore itself. Take a swim at Perissa Beach, eat the local specialty of fried tomato balls known as domatokeftedes, and roam the streets of Fira.
  • Accommodation - Okeanis Hotel (or similar)

Day 10 - Santorini

  • The beautiful thing about having two full days on the one island is you have time to both relax and explore. Whatever you didn't do yesterday is still up for grabs today. If you feel like you've crammed it all in already, just head to the black or red sand beaches and spend another glorious day ocean-side. Just remember to plan your day around the excursion to the iconic sunset of Oia - this is not an optional you're going to want to miss.
  • Accommodation - Okeanis Hotel (or similar)

Day 11 - Santorini to Athens

  • It's our last full day on trip - best hit up a big city we know and love and cause a little harmless havoc. Goodbye Santorini you sun soaked beauty, we're off to Athens. 
  • On arrival in Athens, tick off any last sightseeing you missed in this time capsule of a city tonight. 
  • Accommodation - Dorian Inn hotel (or similar)

Day 12 - Athens

  • And just like that, it's time for the goodbyes. As sad as they are, at least you have the memories. And another 300 Contiki trips to jump aboard! Make the most of your last free breakfast before you kick on to your next port of call.

What's Included.......

  • Accommodation - 3 nights beach resort - 7 nights in hotel
  • 11 breakfasts 
  • 4 dinners 
  • Transport

All Activities.......

Activities Included 

  • Visit the famous Plaka area
  • A local guide will take you on a guided city tour of Athens and the awe-inspiring ancient greek monuments
  • See the impressive Corinth canal 
  • See the awe-inspiring Acronafplia Citadel, Nafplio 
  • Guided tour of Mycenae, including the Palace of Agamemnon 
  • Guided tour including Olympic stadium and temples of Hera and Zeus 
  • See where the ancient greeks would go to speak with the oracle in Delphi 
  • Ferry from Athens to Mykonos including reserved seating 
  • Walk through time with a city tour of historical Athens 
  • Ferry from Mykonos to Santorini including reserved seating 
  • Ferry from Santorini to Athens including reserved seating 

Additional Activities

  • A traditional Athens affair - €40 
  • Explore the cobbled streets of Mykonos town by night with a locally guided walking tours - €30 
  • Uncover the archaeological jewel of Cylades, mythological Delos - €60 
  • Visit the highlights of Santorini with a spectacular volcano cruise including crater hike and hot springs - €50 
  • Visit Oia and soak up one of the worlds most famous sunsets - €30 

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