A message from SANTA:

We are all so busy every December getting ready for ‘The Big Night’ on Christmas Eve, that I have made special arrangements including my own Santa Express flights for you to come out to Saariselkä to meet me at my home. Because these are my own specially chosen trips, you can be sure that all the key ingredients for an unforgettably festive family break are in place for you on every single one. First and foremost, each and every family can come and chat with me in my log-cabin home deep in the snowladen forest – just you and no-one else. Secondly, all the very best snow-adventures, from reindeer sleighs and husky-sleds to riding behind a snowmobile and mini-skidoos for children, are all included. I will also let you see my Igloo Fantasia where you can have a drink at my ice bar and see the Elves at work. It is so magical.

All my trips are at extremely affordable prices too, with thousands of FREE places for children, to make this trip of a lifetime possible. So please do come and see me! Lapland is very special and my home with its magical aura, its tranquil natural beauty, and the warmth of its people, which together create the most memorable Christmas atmosphere imaginable. There is something utterly magical about the forests in the twilight, where my mischievous Lapland elves play hide-and-seek, and the reindeer roam free – especially when they are lit up by nature’s firework show, the breathtakingly beautiful Northern Lights which have been so good and bright in the last couple of years. I simply love it here, and I know that if you choose to visit me, Lapland will leave its magical mark on all your family too.

Santa's Magic
The classic short break, with all our standard activities and benefits included in a lively and action-packed schedule. My cheeky, fun-loving Saari Elves will also be on hand, to ensure that magic and laughter are part and parcel of your time in Saariselkä.

Santa's Aurora
My action packed break has everything you could wish for included in your holiday price. Husky-sled rides, reindeer sleigh rides and snowmobiles which parents can drive themselves, plus a Wilderness dinner and fantastic accommodation.

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