Their ships are smaller for several reasons. Their size allows them to access places larger ships simply cannot reach, such as journeying through the impressive Corinth Canal, and dock closer to the heart of beautiful cities. With fewer passengers on board, the crew get to know each of the guests, and the atmosphere on board is always warm and civilised.


As a family-run cruise line, they really take your experience personally. The Chairman, Fred. Olsen Jnr, is very hands on. It is his passion and attention to the smallest detail that ensures a wonderful journey, each time you sail with them.

While the cruise industry has gone for bigger ships, brimming with more and more people, they have always believed that smaller is better. Passengers as treated as guests, they dock at smaller ports in more interesting places and avoid overcrowding both aboard and ashore. At capacity,

the smaller ships will only ever sail with between 900 and 1,400 guests.

Fred. Olson Cruises have a small team of specialist itinerary planners. They take great pride in handcrafting. Each journey, to ensure they show you hidden gems as well as highlights on each of our sailings. It is a passion has won us them Cruise Critic award for Best Itineraries every year since 2015.

Cruise from eight regional UK ports to hundreds of destinations worldwide in the classic style and comfort of our smaller-sized ships. For most of the year, the ships are based in Britain, with cruises departing from Rosyth (Edinburgh), Newcastle, Liverpool, Dover, Southampton, Portsmouth, Tilbury and Belfast, while we also operate inspirational fly-cruises to destinations far and wide.

Fred. Olsen Cruises

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