Enigmatic Egypt

Why Egypt?

When our travel partner's asked me if I wanted to go to Egypt to go on Nile River Cruise and explore the red sea resort of Hurghada, I literally jumped at the chance. Having been to Cairo some 16 years ago, I've always been awe-struck by the ancient civilisation of Egypt. Our cruise from Luxor to Aswan was to take us some 4,000 years through Ancient Egypt discovering temples, Pharaohs, life and death along this iconic river. 

How to get there?
The river cruises generally start in Luxor and cruise to Aswan and back at a very relaxed pace over 7 nights. To get to Luxor you can either take an indirect flight to Luxor via Cairo, or take one of the direct flights from the UK to Hurghada on the red sea and transfer to Luxor which takes around 4 hours. You can combine a visit to Cairo with a Luxor to Aswan river cruise, or combine river cruise with a beach stay at the end. 

What will you see?

On the cruise from Luxor down to Aswan and back you will see many historical temples and monuments dating back over 4000 years such as Philae Temple, Kom Ombo, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Karnak Temple plus many more. Do make sure you book on to the guided trips that can be pre-booked as this are guided by a qualified Egyptologist that will bring history to life in front of your very eyes. 

One of the key sights for me is the Low & High Dam in Aswan. This is where the river Nile meets Lake Nasser and crosses into Sudan. Standing on the High Dam with Lake Nasser behind you and the river Nile crashing down below you towards Aswan, through Egypt and towards the Mediterranean is a sight to behold. 

When you aren't sightseeing you can sit back on the sundeck with a cool, refreshing drink and watch the world go by on the river banks. It's amazing to see the lush Palm Trees & greenery on the river banks then literally 30 feet behind it is just pure desert. It really goes to show how the Nile is the lifeblood of Egypt. 

7 Nights Cruise & 7 Nights Hurghada from £899pp

We have a great offer for 7 nights on the nile and 7 nights in Hurghada on All Inclusive, return flights, 20kgs checked baggage per person, transfers throughout for as little as £899pp. Contact us for more information.


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