Day 1 > Pick up your motorhome from Cruise America in Newark and round Long Island Sound before heading northeast towards your first overnight campground. ✪ 160 miles to Preston ★ Visit the Barnum Museum in Bridgeport where this flamboyant circus man was once Mayor.

Day 2 > Back down the scenic eastern shore of the Thames to visit Mystic Seaport. This once great whaling port and shipyard for fast clippers is a splendid living outdoor museum with many old ships and examples of New England life two hundred years ago. ✪ 125 miles to Scusset Beach State Reservation in Sandwich ★ Visit Newport, Rhode Island, where the massive summer mansions of the Vanderbilts and others were the setting for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s – and Robert Redford’s – The Great Gatsby.

Day 3 > A loop to visit the Kennedy family’s hometown of Hyann is and the John F. Kennedy Museum would be a good idea before heading north again, bound for Plymouth where the Mayflower landed the Pilgrims in 1620. Just south is Plimoth Plantation, a serious recreation of the Pilgrim’s 1627 village and way of life. (To explore the historic and interesting city of Boston, we suggest you extend your stay at this campground and use the convenient MBTA commuter rail service in and out of the city). As an alternative, you may want to start this itinerary here by collecting your RV from one of our Boston locations. ✪ 55 miles to Plymouth ★ Visit Plymouth Rock on which, in legend but maybe fact, the Pilgrims first set foot on what would become America.

Day 4 > Head north and bypass the city of Boston. An interesting stop would be at Lexington where the first skirmish started the Revolutionary War and where Sam Adams and John Hancock were awakened by Paul Revere on the most famous of his rides. Another surprising stop would be at North Salem in New Hampshire which is the site of America’s 4,000 year old Stonehenge. ✪ 145 miles to Salisbury Beach ★ Visit Salem Massachusettes, the site of the infamous witchcraft trials in 1692.

Day 5 > Briefly returning to New Hampshire, the itinerary brings you to Maine and the dramatic and scenic Atlantic coastline. The destination is Bar Harbour on Mt Desert Island and surrounded by the cliffs and seascapes of Acadia National Park. ✪ 235 miles to Bar Harbour ★ Visit Abbe Museum at Sieur de Monts Spring and take the ferry to Little Cranberry Island.

Day 6 > Inland to Maine’s capital Bangor and the non into the state’s picturesque interior. The  destination is the Mount Blue State Park and its campground. Moose and other wildlife live here as well as numerous red squirrels and the more elusive black bear and coyote. ✪ 160 miles to Mount Blue State Park ★ Visit picturesque Webb Beach and nearby Centre Hill. Children enjoy a visit to the park’s Nature Centre.

Day 7 > As you cross into New Hampshire again, the mountains get higher. Many you’ll be passing are 4,000 or 5,000 feet high with Mount Washington, at 6,288 feet, dominating the dramatic scenery as you drive further into the White Mountain National Forest. Your overnight stop should be planned at the Beech Hill Campground near Bethlehem. ✪ 100 miles to Bethlehem ★ Visit the summit of Mount Washington on the 1869 coal-fired cog railway. Fine French dining can be found in pretty Bethlehem.

Day 8 > Soon after crossing into Vermont, you’ll approach the year round resort surrounding Killington Peak. There’s a lot to see and do here before moving on to the suggested overnight campsite. Opt for one of the campsites in one of the state parks such as Gifford Woods or Ricker Pond State Park. ✪ 125 miles to the Gifford Woods State Park ★ Visit world famous Dartmouth College on your way through Hanover.

Day 9 > Probably no one captured the golden age of Americana more memorably than Norman Rockwell. Many of the covers he created for the Saturday Evening Post in the 40s and 50s were painted at home in Arlington, Vermont. His home is now The Inn on Covered Bridge Green. ✪ 60 miles to Arlington ★ Visit the Norman Rockwell Exhibition.

Day 10 > Your route takes you into New York State and follows the Hudson River south. This will bring you to Hyde Park. This was the birthplace and home of Franklin D Roosevelt and where both he and wife Eleanor are buried. As a thought for lunch, the Culinary Institute of America is also located here and four gourmet restaurants are open by reservation. Your Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Lazy River Camp site is just 23 miles on at Gardiner. ✪ 140 miles to Lazy River ★ Visit the former homes of the Roosevelts in Hyde Park.

Day 11 > Time to return your motorhome. 75 miles to Cruise America’s location serving Newark.

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